"It's up to you."
PSA #1: It's up to you

"Why would you...?"
PSA #1: Why would you...

Radio Spots:

"Dozed Off?"
"Unattended Cigarette"
"Having Friends Over?"


The self extinguishing ashtray is an excellent addition to our engineered fire prevention toolbox. The ashtrays are made of a black composite Ashtraywith a very secure fitting top which has cigarette grips and a center hole for the cigarette disposal.

In 2006, 80% of the state's fire deaths and 83% of civilian injuries occurred where people generally feel safest - at home. Careless smoking was once again the leading cause of fire deaths.

For more information contact your local Fire Department or send an email to: info@getyourbuttoutside.com


The mission of our project is simple. It is our goal to provide the smoking public with the tools and training necessary to enjoy their habit more safely. We believe that if a person is given the tools to a safer future, that they will apply them to their life. We respect the people we serve, and we expect them to take responsibility for their safety and the safety of those around them.

The fact is that the careless use of smoking materials causes more fire deaths each year than any other cause of fire. These incidents are very predictable and preventable. By taking the initiative to set some rules for your home such as only smoking outdoors and using a self extinguishing ashtray you are assuming control of your environment and protecting it, and your loved ones, from the tragic fate that so many innocent people face each year.

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